The Arts & Technology

         In today’s wired world we are connected to a cyber community that grows larger and larger with every minute of the day. What once took a lifetime to experience can now be accessed with just a touch of the screen. Technology is intertwining itself into the very fabric of human existence more and more with every passing moment. I feel the bridge between art and technology has been built, but has not been fully explored. So as an artist I intend to seek out this uncharted territory of our cyber society to embark upon a movement that speaks to a new generation of visual and performance artist. Art has become more than a drawing or the snap of an image, it has become bits of data stored in the memory of our ever so connected lives. My mission is to dig deeper into the very building blocks of code, light and the endless network of connectable devices to find a new world of art hidden within our own inner-personal virtual worlds. Using software and electronic devices my pieces are more than two-dimensional or three-dimensional works, they transform themselves into a fourth-dimensional environment. The objective is to not only astonish the viewer, but to create or draw from deep within their subconscious an emotion through interpretation.
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